Volume 18 No. 24 - May 23, 2013


Mother laments lack of care11 Daughter struggles in Alberta's mental health system (TRIGGER WARNING: self-injury) Shut dam1 Reservoir closed to recreation in preparation for higher water Traffic school1 U of C looking to ease congestion on Calgary roads Walking dread1 Kids aren't getting enough exercise and cars are part of the problem


Your Face Here


Another grizzly year in Alberta Provincial government shows little interest in protecting species as risk

Summer Guide

Camping at random Discover a new experience this summer on public lands Frozen summer treats1 Keeping cool in Calgary just got easier Nothing to blush about The weather is right to spring for some rosé Summer Guide 2013 Listings Sunny days for patio project Vendome Café patio space up and running for summer

Visual Arts



Ganesh takes back the swastika Play examines cultural appropriation and the representation of others

Record Reviews

Video Vulture

Scottish Cannibals on Wheels Doom actually lasts a lot longer than one day in Doomsday

Music Previews

All that jazz The National Jazz Summit makes its triumphant return One last Barn Burner Montreal metal masters play their final rager in Calgary

Film Features

Fairy flying high at 15 Local film festival has expanded its reach as Calgary opens its mind Jeong over Ken Jeong talks The Hangover 3

Savage Love

Goings On

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