July 19, 2012

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I really enjoyed the very last bit.

The very last paragraph is the only piece that referred to my target group. I am creating music out of my 'bedroom' it, perhaps, may never win an award, but it's pretty good and people are listening to it. It's mine solely. I went through college for marketing and advertising, so to end the issue dividing the masses and 'politically' misrepresenting the music of Canadians and their love for it, we would need to understand the people. An award such as this MUST be advertised for. Otherwise, like any other political issue and/or move into government, one will speak for all. And this is what is happening.
That is a link to my music. I shall try to send more to your page through my facebook. Thank you for writing this.

Steph 141 days ago

  • ... Please at least keep publishing online. Pretty please.

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  • Well written sir! I deplore that it is your last for FFWD as I regret the end, of the paper format ...

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