Dave Taylor a coup for Alberta Party or politics-as-usual?

The big news in provincial politics today: Calgary-Currie MLA Dave Taylor, who ditched the Alberta Liberal Party in a foot-stomping, take-my-ball-home huff last April to sit as an independent, has joined the upstart Alberta Party.

It's a bit of a coup for the Alberta Party, which with Taylor, now has one sitting member in the legislature. And we really mean "a bit." While some try to make Taylor out to be some sort of political powerhouse, consider his record since leaving the Liberals: Tabling an anti-idling bill. That's about it.

Enlisting Taylor also presents a problem for the Alberta Party's branding efforts, which continually professes putting an end to politics-as-usual in this province. Why? Here's what Taylor told Fast Forward Weekly back in April:

"If I were to make a decision that I thought I would want to run as a member of some other party, then I would wait until the next election or resign and go through a byelection," he said. "Nobody voted for Dave Taylor as a candidate for another party."

No Dave. No they didn't. Sounds like politics-as-usual to us.

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Christel wrote:

If ever the phrase 'throwing out the baby with the bathwater' was apt, it is in response to this blog post.

Late last fall, the Alberta Party published guidelines for sitting MLAs who wished to join its caucus publicly on its website. It sent an email to all its members and messages to the public via its email list, Facebook and Twitter, inviting them to respond to the draft guidelines and provide their input. After comments were received and incorporated, the guidelines were finalized (and the process is still clearly outlined on the Party's website). An important part of this process, was providing the Alberta Party constituency association for Calgary-Currie the authority to accept or reject Dave Taylor as their representative. They voted overwhelmingly to do so on Saturday. No other party provides this level of input to its members and this process was truly designed to make things more open and transparent on an issue (floor-crossing) and process (which is usually entirely behind closed doors) over which there is no consensus on what is 'democratic.'

Both alternative-weeklies from Edmonton have attended and covered Alberta Party events (including the AGM, policy convention, and big listens). I invite you Trevor to do the same, and then report back on whether the Alberta Party is 'politics-as-usual.' If you do, I think you'll agree with the thousands of Albertans who have taken part, that the Alberta Party does represent something different, something hopeful in a province who's formal political process we've allowed to flounder for far too long.

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