Boobs don't cause earthquakes: Thanks, science!

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It isn't often that the Internet is the antidote to my surly disposition rather a major contributor to it. This is probably old news to many, but it makes me feel unusually warm and strange in my stomach, but not in an indigestion way. 

A summary: Last week, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, an Iranian Cleric, said that immodestly dressed women were going to cause a major earthquake in Tehran. This kind of reminded me of when Grant Morrison encouraged readers of the (then-flagging) comic The Invisibles to wank onto a magic sigil in the back of one issue in order to increase sales. Except, you know, the opposite. Or is that more the converse? Shut up and give me your lunch money, nerd.

So, yeah, I dissmissed it as crazy nonsense, but really no more crazy or nonsensical than the other stuff fundamentalist Islam has been getting up to lately. I shrugged my shoulders, I moved on, I gave myself heartburn with Korean barbeque.

But dismissal wasn't enough for blogger Jennifer McCreight, a science student at Perdue University. In response, she organized "Boobquake," a funny idea that went viral--then global--pretty much immediately. Basically, she encouraged women to wear revealing clothing in order to test Sedighi's theory (again, like the Morrison thing, but sexy).

And they did.

And nothing happened, surprising nobody of sound mind.

So why did this put me in such a good mood? Well, in a world where medieval supersition is paid a worrying level of creedence by some of the most educated populations in history*, where major communications network's kneejerk response to threats from religious wackos is censorship, I'm glad--hell, I'm fucking overjoyed--that so many people can put aside their differences for long enough to share one enormously visible laugh at the expense of these idiots.


* - I don't mean to direct this solely at Islamic people, either, though given the general thrust of this post, you could be forgiven for thinking so. Pro-lifers, intelligent design advocates, opposers of gay marriage and anyone who rioted in China because they thought SARs was a Neo-Confucian reflection of disorder in the universe are, as far as I'm concerned, still huddling around a fire in a cave, begging their voiceless shadow Gods to protect them from wolverines.





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