Kyle returns to the fflog, brings free videogames

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Why hello FFWD readers. My, you're looking lovely today... Okay. Alright. I know that isn't going to work. You're much to smart to be won over by petty flattery. I should have known better. It was disrespectful to even try. You know and I know that I got some splainin' to do.

As I'm sure all six of you noticed, I've been AWOL for about a month, and I left without so much as a how-d'ya-do. I've been wandering around Italy for the past four weeks, looking at paintings, wandering through cathedrals, and eating excellent food, all while you've been sitting there, staring into the warm glow of your monitor, pawing feebly at a new animated Mel Gibson gif and wondering why, Kyle? Why did you abandon us?

Well, Ive returned, and to show you my contrition, I've brought you … Read More

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Mortal Kombat Film Reboot Gets Over Here?

This has been bouncing around the Internet all day with various theories attached, but here's real skinny (as far as I can suss). It's an on-spec proof-of-concept by Kevin Tancharoen (whose sister, Maurissa, was one of the writers on Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse) for his vision of what an adult-oriented Mortal Kombat movie would look like. Turns out it looks a lot like The Dark Knight. Which actually might not be the worst thing, considering he's trying to sell the pitch to Warner. 

But Kyle, what do you think of it? 

Glad you asked. 

Basically, I like it. At first I didn't think the whole Johnny Cage-as-action-hero-cum-undercover-cop thing really fit with the tone of pulp verisimilitude Tancharoen was going for, but I started getting a much … Read More

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Presented without comment (more or less): Hey Baby

This is a thing that exists. Unfortunately, as a male writer who spends a lot of time playing (and then applauding, often in print) games that glorify typical male power fantasies, there isn't really a lot I feel comfortable saying about it.

Except that maybe you should go take a look. (Game requires you to install the Unity web plugin).

[Hat tip: Leigh Alexander]

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John Hilcoat's Red Dead Redemption Short Film

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I am going to stop writing about Red Dead Redemption at some point, but not any time soon. Between the game's super-slick appropriation of Spaghetti western tropes and heartbreakingly beautiful ending, I've got at least one more blog post and a column that demand to be wrung from my brain. So I will endeavor to keep this one short.

John Hilcoat, the director of my favourite contemporary film western, The Proposition, has made a machinima short film using Red Dead Redemption that is going to be airing this Saturday evening (May 29th) on FOX. Hilcoat also directed an adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road, and an obscure Australian film I've been trying to track down for years called To Have and to Hold.  In short: This is very, very … Read More

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Your New Favourite Podcast

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Wow, three posts in one day? Why Kyle, how do you do it?

Well, ever since starting my latest course of Finnigan and Sons Double-Strength Nerve Tonic, I've found I have the strength, endurance and moral fortitude of ten men!


Anyway. Yes. This post is about podcasts. Specifically, podcasts in which myself and FFWD freelancers Garth Paulson, Ben Hoffman and Jon Roe talk about nerd stuff you like. And because there is only one such podcast in existence that meets those criteria, I suppose I didn't really need to pluralize.

The podcast in question is called Read, Listen, Watch, Play, and was done, ostensibly, for this comedy website myself and the aformentioned freelancers started, but haven't actually done much with (yet). In this first … Read More

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