Calgary Folk Music Festival day four in photos

Borel Sons, Mo Kenney, The Provincial Archives and Nick Sherman

 photo IMG_1244_zpsea23d914.jpg

 photo IMG_1242_zps425aff07.jpg

Tiny Ruins

 photo IMG_1268_zps55e66f49.jpg

 photo IMG_1264_zps5aabcbb2.jpg

 photo IMG_1257_zps964bcc83.jpg

David Bromberg, Jaron Freeman-Fox, The Polyjesters and Oliver Swain

 photo IMG_1269_zpsc3a00469.jpg

 photo IMG_1344_zpsc8d49893.jpg

 photo IMG_1342_zps88660b16.jpg

 photo IMG_1329_zpsfb91ce5f.jpg

 photo IMG_1322_zpscab5e115.jpg

 photo IMG_1317_zps25a6c0dd.jpg

 photo IMG_1315_zps28ebb190.jpg

 photo IMG_1302_zpsb9b88e36.jpg

 photo IMG_1296_zpscf5568b9.jpg

Old Man Luedecke, Matt Patershuk and Glen Skuthorpe

 photo IMG_1367_zps8563d00b.jpg

 photo IMG_1358_zps22658ee5.jpg

 photo IMG_1353_zps3b713eec.jpg

 photo IMG_1348_zps3c1a958e.jpg

 photo IMG_1346_zps9f0108b9.jpg

Little Miss Higgins

 photo IMG_1378_zps613e1b1d.jpg

 photo IMG_1371_zps250a1c90.jpg

 photo IMG_1381_zpsf8d71f1a.jpg

 photo IMG_1401_zpsbbc270e3.jpg

 photo IMG_1410_zps74ab1f1c.jpg

Astral Swans, Boreal Sons, Great Lake Swimmers and Andy Shauf

 photo IMG_1422_zps7a2beebc.jpg

 photo IMG_1421_zps80de75dc.jpg

 photo IMG_1415_zpsd96f32e2.jpg

Jill Barber

 photo IMG_1428_zpsf06fefeb.jpg

 photo IMG_1450_zpsc5cb4639.jpg

 photo IMG_1446_zpsfe484d0c.jpg

 photo IMG_1441_zps5315bca6.jpg


 photo IMG_1512_zps5560520d.jpg

 photo IMG_1500_zps8242e860.jpg

 photo IMG_1491_zps358d39f9.jpg

 photo IMG_1487_zps33cec2b3.jpg

 photo IMG_1480_zpsd2622edd.jpg

 photo IMG_1471_zpsc6181d5f.jpg

The Jayhawks

 photo IMG_1545_zps26aea18b.jpg

 photo IMG_1544_zps0125ca52.jpg

 photo IMG_1538_zps8ac8886b.jpg

 photo IMG_1529_zpsa735e213.jpg

 photo IMG_1523_zpsf2570166.jpg
                                                                                                                 — JOSH NAUD



 photo Shot1-Dulsori_zps833ba63b.jpg

 photo Shot2-Dulsori_zpsdf7d7402.jpg

Call of the Wild

 photo Shot3-CalloftheWild_zps72768629.jpg

 photo Shot4-CalloftheWild_zpsaa299c0a.jpg

 photo Shot5-CalloftheWild_zpsfefd49f8.jpg

Mo Kenney

 photo Shot6-MoKenny_zps71c48004.jpg

 photo Shot7-MoKenny_zpsc001806f.jpg

Little Miss Higgins

 photo Shot9-MissHiggens_zps9a616f46.jpg

 photo Shot11-MissHiggens_zps9f2f9331.jpg

 photo Shot10-MissHiggens_zpseff368cf.jpg

Astral Swans

 photo Shot12-AstralSwans_zps2a95e7cf.jpg

 photo Shot15-AstralSwans_zps76b79950.jpg

Andy Shauf

 photo Shot13-AndySchauff_zpsbe10901e.jpg

                                                                                                    — SHANE ARSENAULT

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Calgary Folk Music Festival day three in photos

 photo IMG_0969_zpsf9c06d2f.jpg

Deep Dark Woods

 photo IMG_0934_zps277ebce5.jpg

 photo IMG_0938_zps025f30a6.jpg

 photo IMG_0942_zps7bf85eed.jpg

 photo IMG_0946_zpsef601788.jpg

 photo IMG_0950_zps2f0ec4f5.jpg

 photo IMG_0954_zps8beda091.jpg

 photo IMG_0960_zps994dce6e.jpg

 photo IMG_0962_zps12e2f08f.jpg

 photo IMG_0968_zpse4e55b7e.jpg

Art Bergmann, Mary Gauthier and Waco Brothers

 photo IMG_0973_zpsf0f35ceb.jpg

 photo IMG_0974_zpsbbd9af10.jpg

 photo IMG_0979_zpsf967125a.jpg

 photo IMG_0987_zps17c44d9f.jpg

 photo IMG_0992_zpsf6164003.jpg

 photo IMG_1001_zps79870e87.jpg

 photo IMG_1021_zpsc00bd66b.jpg

Martha Redbone Roots Project

 photo IMG_1039_zps1ed629cc.jpg

 photo IMG_1031_zps48c1c6fd.jpg

The Debo Band, Fishbone and St. Paul and the Broken Bones

 photo IMG_1043_zpsbb0370a3.jpg

 photo IMG_1044_zps8d168b9f.jpg

 photo IMG_1052_zpsf88ba3e6.jpg

 photo IMG_1056_zps6bdc78be.jpg

 photo IMG_1059_zps4c477282.jpg

 photo IMG_1065_zps29dd15f5.jpg

 photo IMG_1079_zps5aa9d216.jpg

 photo IMG_1082_zps1e3071a0.jpg


 photo IMG_1190_zps261c8396.jpg

 photo IMG_1177_zpsf8e28978.jpg

 photo IMG_1151_zps341a1253.jpg

 photo IMG_1146_zpsa442d901.jpg

 photo IMG_1138_zps2df9bece.jpg

 photo IMG_1134_zps6a25fdf1.jpg

 photo IMG_1129_zpsac1ca45c.jpg

 photo IMG_1117_zpsf68fab5a.jpg

 photo IMG_1116_zps32d2988c.jpg

 photo IMG_1110_zps1e1aaf38.jpg

 photo IMG_1107_zps6a810e08.jpg

 photo IMG_1103_zps25cfd3ff.jpg

 photo IMG_1092_zps98fd5e7e.jpg

 photo IMG_1086_zps1961c99b.jpg

Jason Isbell

 photo IMG_1237_zps6c2d7f9c.jpg

 photo IMG_1233_zpsa510a189.jpg

 photo IMG_1232_zps38c7bfe6.jpg

 photo IMG_1222_zpse048d969.jpg

 photo IMG_1203_zpse73c7db1.jpg

 photo IMG_1198_zps8ee2e3c1.jpg

                                                                                                                         — JOSH NAUD



 photo Shot1-Overview_zpsa40b557d.jpg

Boreal Sons

 photo BorealSonsII_zpsa96fecae.jpg

 photo BorealSons_zps2c9c2feb.jpg

Chad VanGaalen

 photo Shot2-ChadVanGaalen_zpsefd02893.jpg

 photo Shot6-ChadVanGaalen_zpsac6972c8.jpg

Seun Kuti

 photo Shot3-SeunKuti_zps1525e310.jpg

 photo Shot4-SeunKuti_zpsb278f954.jpg

 photo Shot10-SeunKuti_zps5044016d.jpg

Bruce Cockburn

 photo Shot7-BruceCockburnbackstage_zps9d4ab384.jpg

 photo Shot8-BruceCockburn_zps5d25ab40.jpg

 photo Shot9-BruceCockburn_zpsbc75b43f.jpg

                                                                                                            — SHANE ARSENAULT

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Calgary Folk Music Festival day three in review

“Follow the stars.” This isn’t spiritual advice given to me by one of the side-stage dancers, this is practical advice given to me by my friend Nick. In order to know which workshop to attend throughout the day Saturday, his approach was to check the festival schedule on his phone, and go to whichever stage had gotten the most stars. That worked out pretty well, as it led us to a jam session between David Bridie, The Lone Bellow and Typhoon, which turned out to be one of the best of the day. Typhoon is the type of band that should be in every workshop — big horn section, and absolutely no hesitation to jump into other people’s songs. It left us all talking about whether they’d ever record an album with The Lone Bellow.

The next few hours were … Read More

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Calgary Folk Music Festival day two in review

Friday at Folk Fest seems to be when things start really kickin’. More of the jam zones start happening, and there seems to be a bit more variety. When I arrived, it was already fairly busy around the park. Luckily, I was in time to see Lee Fields and the Expressions. That show was wonderful. Lee Fields knows how to put on a show. The soul was resonating through the crowd (at least the people dancing on the sidelines, I don’t know about the people snoozing in the middle of the crowd, on their tarps). It was a ton of fun, and even the audience participation was pretty much mandatory in the dance zones. Fields may be one of the best performers of this weekend. He has been a soul performer for so many years, and it is definitely time that he gets … Read More

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Calgary Folk Music Festival day two in photos

Great Lake Swimmers

 photo IMG_0563_zps070acd6d.jpg

 photo IMG_0597_zps26e56c6f.jpg

 photo IMG_0587_zps4fde48ad.jpg

 photo IMG_0591_zps5149002d.jpg

 photo IMG_0584_zps1068dbd0.jpg

 photo IMG_0588_zpscf7ef415.jpg

 photo IMG_0575_zpsfe224627.jpg

Rufus Wainwright

 photo IMG_0624_zps0414ad13.jpg

 photo IMG_0658_zps81dbe0c0.jpg

 photo IMG_0655_zps6b70d486.jpg

 photo IMG_0646_zpsae27e3fc.jpg

 photo IMG_0662_zps588ba838.jpg

A Tribe Called Red

 photo IMG_0684_zps0d0434e4.jpg

 photo IMG_0680_zpsa142dbba.jpg

 photo IMG_0700_zpsf9f9d30d.jpg

 photo IMG_0778_zpsbcd0bbd8.jpg

 photo IMG_0748_zpsb7666a6b.jpg

 photo IMG_0732_zps2a5da73c.jpg

 photo IMG_0765_zps64dca1f8.jpg

 photo IMG_0706_zps87e21d57.jpg

Doug Paisley

 photo IMG_0786_zpsd5a9f24a.jpg

 photo IMG_0803_zps07cd0160.jpg

 photo IMG_0791_zpsc9cb949e.jpg

 photo IMG_0799_zpsc5e5aa0f.jpg

 photo IMG_0801_zps4f664cb8.jpg

Wakefield Brewster:

 photo IMG_0813_zps14047951.jpg

Amos Lee

 photo IMG_0837_zps79ed5fa2.jpg

 photo IMG_0829_zps0b6f3e4b.jpg

 photo IMG_0862_zps1b8a48dc.jpg

 photo IMG_0898_zps07418ea0.jpg

                                                                                                                         — JOSH NAUD

A Tribe Called Red

 photo Shot1-TribeCalledRed_zpsadbc9b6e.jpg

 photo Shot2-TribeCalledRed_zps892cca4b.jpg


 photo Shot3-Fishbone_zps98562d56.jpg

 photo Shot4-Fishbone_zpsf6a86322.jpg

 photo Shot10-Fishbone_zpsfbd251ce.jpg

 photo Shot11-Fishbone_zpsd608af51.jpg

 photo Shot12-Fishbone_zps42054e88.jpg

The Debo Band

 photo Shot13-Debo_zps6f6442a4.jpg

 photo Shot14-Debo_zpsfc22fdb1.jpg

Lee Field

 photo Shot15-LeeField_zpscfb98f2d.jpg

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

 photo Shot9-SonicTitan_zps232dc0b0.jpg

 photo Shot7-SonicTitan_zps09724619.jpg

 photo Shot8-SonicTitan_zps7472ed73.jpg

                                                                                                              — SHANE ARSENAULT


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Calgary Folk Music Festival day one in review

Thursday was the first day of the Folk Fest, and I think it may just be the best way to start off the early weekend. I am assuming this is an early weekend, because the Folk Fest is like a mini vacation. People seem to pack a lot when venturing out onto Prince’s Island Park for four days of music, food, comedy, and a bunch of people hula hooping. The tarps come out, as well as the lawn chairs, and home-made coffee and sangria. I usually bring a tote-bag with an umbrella and sunscreen. That’s pretty much all you need.

Anyway, the festival started off right. I arrived at 6 p.m., just as Doug Paisley started to play. His songs have more of a minimal country/folk feel, and remind me of old Gram Parsons records at points. His songs sounded very melancholy, and … Read More

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Calgary Folk Music Festival day one in photos

Hey Rosetta!

 photo IMG_0538_zpsbdd434b4.jpg

 photo IMG_0526_zps3a5a8296.jpg

 photo IMG_0519_zpsaa208ba8.jpg

 photo IMG_0500_zps50024caf.jpg

 photo IMG_0523_zpsdd7de712.jpg

 photo IMG_0497_zps76ef1ea3.jpg

 photo IMG_0506_zps1ff44168.jpg

 photo IMG_0482_zpsefa80e9c.jpg

Basia Bulat
 photo IMG_0457_zps0574da9e.jpg

 photo IMG_0453_zps3711ecc5.jpg

 photo IMG_0432_zps6f854ea0.jpg

 photo IMG_0448_zps9f6c56f4.jpg

Doug Paisley
 photo IMG_0371_zps9b87a1e3.jpg

 photo IMG_0385_zpsbe737e23.jpg

 photo IMG_0372_zps3203b4f8.jpg

 photo IMG_0364_zps87ab86e5.jpg

Trampled By Turtles
 photo IMG_0335_zps4d35dd79.jpg

 photo IMG_0311_zps4982f1ed.jpg

 photo IMG_0319_zps26047764.jpg

                                                                                                                             JOSH NAUD



Hey Rosetta!
 photo Shot4-HeyRosetta_zpsca9556fe.jpg

 photo Shot5-HeyRosetta_zps34b2ac9a.jpg

 photo Shot13-HeyRosetta_zps4dbdd59d.jpg

 photo Shot6-HeyRosetta_zpsf59b317b.jpg

Basia Bulat
 photo Shot1-BasiahBulat_zpsba7d3582.jpg

 photo Shot11-BasiahBulat_zps2656d682.jpg

Valeria June
 photo Shot12-ValeriaJune_zps7a9f1ec8.jpg

Holyberry Soap Shop
 photo Shot2-HolyberrySoapsHollyHidebrandt_zpsf38afed3.jpg


 photo Shot3_zps6f9769fe.jpg

St. Paul & the Broken Bones
 photo Shot7-StPaulampTheBrokenBones_zps5e1c8b42.jpg

 photo Shot8-StPaulamptheBrokenBones_zps6abf003d.jpg

Art Bergmann
 photo Shot9-ArtBergmann_zpsb0670b54.jpg

Andrew Bird
 photo Shot10-AndrewBird_zps2e9cb24d.jpg

                                                                                                               — SHANE ARSENAULT

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Calgary Public Library recognized as an innovator

Post Hero Image

The Calgary Public Library (CPL) was recently recognized by the Urban Libraries Council as one of its 2014 Top Innovators for Serving Communities in Crisis for its leadership in responding to the 2013 flood. The library worked with the Calgary Emergency Management Agency to open libraries in evacuation centers, and offered computer access to displaced community members to enable them to connect.

Following the flood, the library foundation’s city-wide book drive, 20,000 Books under the Bow, resulted in a world record of over 270,000 books, DVDs and CDs donated on a single day.

If that’s not enough to impress you, the CPL is also innovative in the services it provides to Calgarians — it is now offering free downloadable music … Read More

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Earthship creator to lecture in Calgary

Mike Reynolds, Earthship Biotecture creator and subject of the 2007 documentary Garbage Warrior is visiting Calgary on Saturday, July 19 for a day-long conference on Earthship architecture and how humans can use ecologically sound housing designs to meet our basic needs.

Reynolds and his specialist construction crew has been in Picture Butte near Lethbridge since June 29 working on the first Earthship home they have ever built in Alberta. Reynolds says that the house is nearly finished. They will remain onsite until August 1 completing the house.

Earthships are built primarily from discarded auto tires filled with earth to create a low, thick walled structure heated by solar energy through a wall of … Read More

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Stampede Hangover Picnic

Lemon Bucket Orchestra


Trumpeter Michael Louis Johnson

If you're not excited by the mere mention of a klezmer-gypsy-punk street dance party parade, then maybe it's hopeless for you. 

On July 15, the first annual Stampede Hangover Picnic will wind its way through Calgary streets, with the Lemon Bucket Orkestra from Toronto. The band will play an acoustic set in Olympic Plaza starting at 6:15 p.m. and then trumpeter Michael Louis Johnson will lead a bike/board/blade parade which ends at the ContainR site in Sunnyside, where there will be more music from LBO and Calgary's Delirium until 9 p.m.

The event is open to all ages and is pay-what-you-can. You're encouraged to bring food and drink to share, so don't be a … Read More

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