What the heck is Plan It?

The city's 60-year plan in a nutshell

Plan It Calgary is the name of the city’s long-term proposal to guide Calgary’s development. If approved by council, the plan would:

• Shift growth from the burbs so that half of Calgary’s growth during the next 60 to 70 years occurs in existing parts of the city.

• Stop annexing rural land.

• Focus growth around transit stations and main corridors.

• Create “complete communities” with a variety of housing choices, as well as stores, services and public spaces, including parks.

• Introduce a new transportation hierarchy for city planning that would put walking, cycling and transit at the top (in that order) and single-occupancy vehicles at the bottom.

• Create a new primary cycling network that would make cycling “direct and expedient, while also safe and appealing.”

• Vastly improve Calgary’s transit system by doubling service hours and creating a new primary transit network of buses, LRT and possibly streetcars, as well as creating more transit routes across the city.


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