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Expansion of Crowchild Trail raises concerns

For those who couldn’t put in their two cents on the proposed Crowchild Trail expansion, there is still time if you hurry. A second open house meeting will be held Thursday, November 15 at the Marda Loop Communities Association, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The City of Calgary wants to convert Crowchild from a chronic traffic glacier to a freeway. However, the plans have been met with fierce criticism from residents of neighbourhoods along the roadway and by city politicians.

As it stands, the $1-billion plan would see Crowchild expand, with two new bridges, between 24th Avenue N.W. to 17th Avenue S.W., with houses demolished in Scarboro, Briar Hill and West Hillhurst.

The city says something must be done to alleviate the public transit issues and regular traffic jams caused by the 106,000 vehicles that use Crowchild Trail on an average day. The current proposal isn’t set in stone. The city is scheduled to continue gathering public input and study the feasibility of various plans for Crowchild into the summer of 2013.


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I do not write the headlines!

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