Mouse on Mars - WOW


The latest mini-album from electronic weirdos Mouse on Mars is a carefully stitched together clusterfuck of strange beats, bugged-out vocals, and slimy, squirmy electronic globs. It sounds as though the duo is trying to cram as much as possible into a small allotment of time. It’s a pretty crazy ride, and can be distracting if you choose to put this on as background music.

The opening track, “SOS,” starts with a vocal sample of the word “wow,” and then busts straight into a huge drone and some wild yelping vocals. It’s a pretty good precursor to the rest of the album. It quickly mixes straight into the next track, “DOG,” which starts off with some sort of computer warning sounds, and just goes into a drugged-up 16-bit video game whine. The beats start and stop, throwing the groove off, but coming back instantly, bursting with more effects and weirder tones.

“ACD” sounds like a fax machine going completely haywire, being taken over by extraterrestrial beings and forced to dance at an underground bubble party. It’s a slurp and burp away from a total CHUD rave. Mouse on Mars have always brought some of the weirdest beats around, but by being crammed into such a short time frame, they apparently brought out the big guns. It’s a bit exhausting, but if you are game for having confetti blasted through your brain, this is your jam.


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