ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Behold the power of breasts

Charity shows take place all the time, but rarely does a group of musicians head on tour in support of a charity. Yet, the Babes for Breasts Tour is just that — a collection of solo artists combining their talents for a series of shows to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in Alberta. Beginning in Edson, with dates in Calgary, Lethbridge, Edmonton and Banff, Ana Miura, Amanda Rheaume, Rhonda Stakich, Amy Campbell and NLX, better known as Natasha Alexandra, will swap songs, stories and instruments to improve the quality of life for women struggling to cope with breast cancer.

This lineup has already worked in Ontario and New York, and will be buttressed by daily CBC Radio updates led by Jian Ghomeshi and Miura, who founded and initiated the tour. The initial fundraiser, “5 Babes for 5 Bucks,” became a hit in Ottawa, Muira’s hometown, prompting the girls to hit the road in Ontario and to venture south to Alexandra’s base, New York City. This run will be the girls’ first set of shows out west and, if successful, should prompt another run of shows in the near future. Each babe is an accomplished musician in their own right, so seeing them together while supporting cancer research and improving the quality of life of those with the disease is quite the opportunity. The band will hit the Ironwood Stage this week.

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