Dixie's Death Pool - The Man With Flowering Hands

Drip Audio

The Man With the Flowering Hands unfolds slowly. The songs feature surprisingly dense layers of sound, each piece a contribution from one of the more than 15 guest musician collaborators that DDP main man Lee Hutzulak recruited. With only sparse notes accompanying them, Hutzulak and friends improvised much of the music in his home studio. Hazy guitars, whispered vocals, violins, xylophones, flutes and pianos provide a dreamy musical core to which Hutzulak spent a year adorning with found sound overdubs. The track listings feature such instruments as A4 sheet metal, epic frying pan, Ferrero Rocher plastic chocolate box and Swingline stapler. These latter instruments make songs like the title track reminiscent of Tom Waits’s Bone Machine, while elsewhere the many electronic keyboard effects and foley work combine to create an atmosphere more in tune with early Sigur Rós. Every spin of the album reveals something new. Savvy Vancouverites might recognize the sounds of their own city in some of the songs, be it the train yards behind Alexander Street or children playing in David Lam Park.

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