Daniel Striped Tiger - No Difference

Clean Plate/Pure Pain Sugar

After a slew of excellent split singles over the last year, Daniel Striped Tiger returns with its third LP, No Difference, one that sees the Massachusetts-based band at its finest. DST is obviously well versed in D.C./Dischord past, playing a style of post-hardcore with definite math elements. However, DST is likely more in tune with the likes of contemporary European bands such as La Quiete and former split partners Sinaloa — here, songs are crammed full of ideas and clean guitars that cause one to wonder why bands feel the need to hide behind distortion pedals.

Opener “Ancient Future” serves as a fine example of the album’s contents: Guitars strummed like it matters and vocals that sound more like desperate pleas. It’s impressive how a band can pack in so many ideas and still keep the narrative flow of a song intact. Never once does it feel as though DST’s guitarists are simply showing off — rather, DST blares through its songs with fury. Even with the unrelenting drive of No Difference, every few tracks listeners are given a moment to recoup with the slightly more subdued instrumentals interspersed throughout. Quite a feat: a hardcore record that leaves one breathless, but not beaten. Highly recommended.

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