Anabeth Gish - Are Wakeours Leep


Like any purveyors of progressive metal, Calgary's Ahnabith Gish straddle the line between playfully epic and excessively self-indulgent. Fortunately, aside from its ridiculous title, Are Wakeours Leep is a pleasant deviation from current trends in the genre, reining things in and staying, for the most part, on the pleasant side of prog. The band draws heavily, sometimes to the point of mimicry, on a vibe popularized by bands like Tool — melodic vocals, prominent drums, guitars that alternate relentlessly between distortion-drenched power chords and crisp solos — but they manage to sound impressive without decades worth of musical chops or hot-shot studio techniques.

The album flows well, culminating with a lengthy conclusion that spans three tracks. The complex “Caligula” showcases the band's unchecked ambition and desire to push themselves towards and beyond the boundaries of their technical abilities. While the intricate nature of the genre inevitably leads to a handful of stumbles that will stand out to listeners accustomed to the infamous precision of their big-name counterparts, Ahnabith Gish ultimately accomplish the difficult task of producing an LP tight enough to stand at shoulder height with their peers.

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