Waistline wonders

The skinny on hourglass figures for men

Dear Josey,

I’d like to know about corsets for men. Can one really reduce one’s waist through wearing a tight corset? What are the dangers? Do you know anyone who makes corsets specifically for men?

Waistline Wonders

Dear Waistline,

Corsets have made a fashion comeback thanks in part to goths, S&M practitioners and trendsetters who enjoy both the esthetic and the body-challenging joys of corsetry. And there are plenty of folks into “tight-lacing” — that is, using corsets to change their body shape permanently.

Most famous among the men who do this is body-mod guru Fakir Musafar. According to his website (fakier.org), he was intrigued by the waist-cinching practices of the Ibitoe tribe from New Guinea, whom he’d read about in encyclopedias. He began emulating their garb, including an extremely tight belt used to force young men’s bodies into wasp-like proportions. By age 19 (he was born in 1930), Fakir was using belts to constrict his waist to 14 inches (36 cm), and in his early 30s he fashioned a handmade corset that cinched his waist to 19 inches (48 cm).

For men, he says, corseting “enhances sexual experiences,” partly because of the visual beauty of a tiny waist, but also because “all your internal organs and your sexual components are in different positions with different tensions... it’s very ecstatic.”

I’m a fan of breathing and keeping my internal organs where they were designed to be, but if you’re interested, there are basic steps on tight-lacing safety at www.waspcreations.com, a website created by Amy Crowder, a corsetiere who has been practising tight-lacing for over a decade.

One rule: Don’t be cheap. While a good corset will set you back $300 or more, according to Crowder, “a corset that is poorly designed can cause damage to the back, pinched nerves in the pelvis and legs, abdominal cramps and so on.”

Since male bodies have different needs, Crowder also designs custom corsets specifically for men. Romantasyweb.com also offers information about corsets and designs models like the Corvest specifically for men.

Dear Josey,

I’m a 20-year-old guy, I’ve only been in one real serious relationship and since we broke up a year and a couple months ago I’ve been unable to date anyone seriously. Instead, I just embark on one-night sexcapades mostly while intoxicated. I always feel regretful after. I can’t seem to stop myself from fooling around with girls I would never find attractive sober. Are there any tips you can give me to clear up my “beer goggles”?

In A Drunken Haze

Dear Drunken,

Hey, ending your first serious relationship can be brutal. However, a year and a couple months is a healthy chunk of time for a young guy like you to bounce back. You’ve got to get back on the horse, without drinking and riding. I’m also concerned for your safety. If your beer goggles are clouding your judgment enough to sleep with people you wouldn’t find attractive sober, I can’t help but wonder if they are also clouding your decision-making with regards to using protection.

And finally, you’re only 20, dude. If you don’t break this habit soon, you’re gonna be 25 and trying to pick up girls at AA. Need to be scared straight? Heavy drinking can lead to erectile dysfunction. Trust me, I’ve been with some of these guys in my own younger and more heavily beer-goggled moments, and it ain’t pretty.

Dear Josey,

Do you know anything about products like those offered on vurime.com? They say it’s safe and herbal but do you know if this sort of thing is safe? I’d be happier with what I have than something bigger and/or broken.

Herbal Magic?

Dear Herbal,

While the website you mention offers a 100 per cent guarantee that you will gain “three to four inches of penis length in just months!” by taking its herbal formula, I can guarantee you won’t be bigger, and the thing that will most likely be broken is your bank account.

The site’s pseudo-scientific explanation for how its formula works basically boils down to a claim to increase blood flow to the penis. Even if the formula achieves this, there is no amount of increased blood flow that is going to add four inches to your penis and, even if it could, there is definitely no way the growth would be permanent as the site claims.

And while it says the product is “100 per cent safe with no side-effects,” any herbal formula can potentially cause side-effects if taken with other herbs or prescription drugs and shouldn’t be taken without consulting a medical professional first. Save your money, and buy a cock ring. You’ll likely get better results.

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