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Sue Naylen and her husband, Brian Sorrell, owners of A Little More Interesting, are trying to bring sex into the 21st century; fun, fabulous, free, fearless and fucking great. “We go out of our way to inform, educate and share what we know; people walk into our shop and not even know what to ask.”

“We believe in education,” says Naylen. “When it comes to sex and sexuality, we drop teen-agers into the deep end of the pool and we just let everyone try to learn to swim for the rest of their lives.”

A Little More Interesting goes out of their way to bring top-of-the-line sex toys, props, lubes, accessories, educational books and DVDs, all geared toward making the sex shop less sleazy and more provocative and fun. If you are looking for that perfect gift for your spouse, BF/GF/FWB, here are some of the best ways to get off.

The We-Vibe II

Easily one of the hottest sex toys on the market today and a Canadian invention to boot. Created by an engineer at the request of his wife, the We-Vibe II is a hands-free vibrating clip that can be used during penetrative sex. While stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot (yes Veronica, there is a G-Spot), it enhances the man’s experience as well. Small, discrete, wireless, rechargeable and with nine settings, this little toy outshines diamonds as a girl’s best friend.

The Tenga Flip Hole

Guys, you may have heard of the Fleshlight jack-off toy. Well this is what it should have been and more.

Jerking off is not a replacement for sex; it is sex. Woody Allen once quipped, “I was the best I ever had.” A toy from Japan, the Tenga Flip-Hole, is not a replacement vagina, but a state-of-the-art masturbation toy that looks like a silicone sea anemone on the inside. Easy to maintain and clean, the Tenga stimulates in ways overlooked by other toys.

Masturbation is sex with someone you love. Treat yourself.

Lovebumper Iceberg

“This is a great way to give you back dignity,” says Naylen as she lies face down on an intriguing piece of furniture. Sex furniture, designed to be used in any number of ways, takes pressure off certain areas of the body so you can concentrate on others. Soft, washable, to be placed on the bed or on the floor, the Iceberg is designed with a little pocket to include her favourite vibrator while getting really intimate. Another Canadian invention, Lovebumper furniture can be used to alleviate pressure on the spine, is built for the human body to better enhance sex and it’s also brilliant for people of limited strength or range of movement. Makes an interesting throw pillow too.

Sex in the Shower

The kids are not yet asleep and you are just really horny. You both jump in the shower for a little R&R. Things get hot and then an errant foot kicks the cold water on. You try to help, but your hands, which were gripped on the shower curtain rod, rip it out of the wall when you slip and fall. The sex is over and now you have to tell the kids to call 911.

Sex in the Shower is a little kit that includes handles, braces and foot rests that suction to tiles in your bathroom shower. The grip mechanisms make these props immobile, while you get wet and wild.

Lelo Billy

“The toys that get stolen most from the store are toys for anal sex, designed for men,” says Naylen, “and they are being stolen by straight men who are afraid that putting something up their ass makes them gay.” Once taboo, anal sex for straight men, either by themselves or with a female partner, is coming out of the closet and there are toys aplenty to scratch that itch. Once thought to be a little too “queer,” anal play has straight guys discovering what their gay brothers have been shouting about all this time. Ladies, grab hold and take your boy for a ride.

Whether it’s for him, her or them, there are as many sex toys as there are ways to have sex. However, Naylen has a couple of words of advice. “Be careful with jelly toys. They contain toxic phthalates which are banned in Canada in children’s toys, but not in adult sex toys.” If there is a chemical odour to the toy, it contains these chemicals. Also, never use silicone lubes with silicone toys, as it degrades the toy, and never use lubes with sugar in them, as they can cause infection. You can find all these stocking stuffers and more online at

Have a great fucking Christmas.

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