Pizza Pursuit - The Dog & Duck Pub

The Dog & Duck Pub

5340 2 St. S.W.


Order: Fish & chips pizza ($13). A seven-inch square pizza topped with Guinness beer-battered Atlantic cod tail (cut into strips), caramelized onions, sliced pickles, a mozza-cheddar cheese blend and tartar sauce. It is served with a side of fries.

Crust: Since this is made on toasted flatbread, some purists may argue this should be disqualified from being called a pizza. Well, I’m here for good food, not to argue semantics, so it gets a pass as far as I’m concerned. It was nicely toasted for the most part, but about one-third of it was too soggy to be picked up by hand. A little craft work with a knife and fork worked around that issue.

Sauce: I was a little worried about the warm tartar sauce, but it worked and it worked well. They were quite liberal with the amount of sauce, too. It was thick and had a nice tang.

Toppings: Everything worked well together, mirroring a more traditional plate of fish and chips. The onions were tender and well caramelized, the pickles sliced small enough to have good distribution and the chunks of fish were big enough to have an impact, but were still bite-sized. Having the fries — which were really good — come on the side instead of on the pizza seemed like a cheat to me. I was told I was getting a fish and chips pizza — but that’s not what I received. I solved the problem by placing some of the fries on top of the pie.

Dining options: Eat in.

Decision: I think it’s definitely worth your time to check out this unique pizza with the only caveat being that you must obviously like fish and chips. Much like the Dog & Duck Pub itself, this pizza is a little off the beaten path — and that isn’t a bad thing. I’m giving this pie four out of six slices.

Next Up: Cilantro.

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