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Plenty of picks at sound art festival


Soundasaurus Festival of Multimedia Sound Arts
Engineered Air Theatre
Thursday, November 15 - Saturday, November 17

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It’s back and it’s noisier than ever. The Soundasaurus Festival of Multimedia Sound Art is roaring back into town for its fourth refrain, and offers up three packed nights that cover the spectrum of sound art, as well as free installations that should give newcomers an earful. Here are some highlights:

Free Interactive Sound Installations

Wander through the Epcor Centre for free sonic treats. In the Plus-15 corridor by the Theatre Calgary and ATP offices, you’ll find yourself in Tona Walt Ohama’s soundscape, Multiambient, a multi-channel work in which various parts mix freely as listeners walk through the space. Shawn Pinchbeck’s Sonic Spaces in the Arts Learning Centre and Signal to Noise’s Sonophore in the upper central court are both interactive installations open from noon to 6:30 p.m. during the festival. Simply moving through Sonic Spaces will influence the sound art that’s created, whereas visitors to Sonophore use a glove interface to interact with audio strips on the wall.

Mugbait and Guests

Shon Anderson and Ryan McClure Scott animate the lobby with BASF Heads — a sci-fi inspired piece that includes visuals that respond to sound. The mainstage show features another audio/visual ensemble, ARRAY, who are back after having to cancel their appearance at the last Soundasaurus festival, as well as PrOphecy Sun, a group that explores the voice as a sound art instrument (think throat singing). Headliner Mugbait are unabashed noise artists who mainly work with unadulterated sound. (Thursday, November 15)

Matmos and Guests

Matmos is a musical duo that draws music out of the unusual suspects of the instrument world, like rat cages or latex clothing, and they often collaborate with other musical groups, including Icelandic pop star Björk. For the enigmatically titled ø], sound artist Woulg siphons glitchy sounds through a computer, which is programmed to make compositional and aesthetic decisions about the resulting piece. Duo Fraser/Sereda present ambient soundscapes based largely on natural sounds. And in the lobby, Audio@Play: Kyle Hinton present Simulated Progress . (Friday, November 16)

Nimalan Yoganathan and Guests

You’ll hear Craig Aalders’ recorded electroacoustic/ambient sound piece flooding the lobby before going into the main show, which includes ambient drone noise by local artist Valiska, and an improvised audio-visual performance by Newfoundland-based Joe Kelly and Caveaged. Headliner Nimalan Yoganathan has worked hard for his art, having travelled to the Brazilian rainforest and brought back field recordings to give shape to his soundscapes. (Saturday, November 17)

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